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Every business requires the same basic blueprint. Research, preparation, planning, getting started, THEN offering service to others. For example, if you were planning to become a brain surgeon there would be some serious groundwork, study and preparation involved before you make your first incision!!

In the modern world everyone wants to start to make lots of money NOW, today, within the next few hours. If this is a problem for you then repeat this mantra 100 times a day “Only fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” The significance of this quotation by English poet Alexander Pope is that rash or inexperienced people will attempt things that wiser people will not.

Becoming a writer is technically very easy. You have a computer and you could be advertising your services online within an hour, however you only get one chance to make a first impression & its essential that you take a step back and put in place the firm foundations before you pitch to anyone.

When I look back at some of my earlier blog posts or videos I cringe at how bad they appear now. Avoid this huge mistake. Create your back office and working routines first. Brush up or learn how to write to a level that is worth someone paying you. Then plan your strategy. What type of writing do you intend to do? To whom will it be of most benefit and therefore easiest to sell? How much will you charge in your early stages? What examples of work do you have prepared for potential clients to see? Is it good enough? Do you have a website where they can also see your work?

Having prepared the basics you then need to prepare your “shop window.” If you were opening a fruit shop you would learn how to buy the best products, how best to display them to attract customers and the prices you need to charge to compete in your local area. All of this falls under research & development. As a writer your shop window will be sites like elance.com. You are competing against 1000’s of other writers so its vital that you create the best profile (shop window) that you can to display your products and services. Time and effort spent preparing a quality profile will double or treble your chances of attracting buyers & being able to charge more money in the future.

You need to show that you are a professional, business like individual who will solve their problem at a decent price and with the minimum of hassle. You need to provide examples of articles you have written and if you have any testimonials that’s even better. If you don’t have any now then add them later. In my opinion (and 75% of buyers) its important to take the Elance “tests” to prove your capabilities. It is not essential but those who make the extra effort are more likely to get the work.

Your goal should not be to “make a few extra $’s a week” The goal is to be the best that you possibly can be, offering a top quality product and service that will have buyers coming back to you time and time again. Most buyers order more articles once they have found a writer they like & trust.

Decide on your goal & write it down “I aim to become a full time writer, earning at least $1000 a week with the next 12 months & tell the boss to stick his job. To do that I will first master my skills as a writer, then bid for 50 jobs a week. I will allocate a minimum X hours day, 5 days a week to get this venture off the ground. My initial goal is to earn just $200 in my first month, $300 in the second, $400 in the 3rd……. I will do so by initially offering to do SEO & blog articles but will add more services as my skill sets improve.”…….

In the article in the main site I introduced you to Kai, one of my writers. Kai went from 30.000th on the list of his favoured outsourcing site to number one in just 6 months. He started by pitching very low prices, often below $10 an hour. 12 months later he now charges $30 an hour, has a full client list and has appointed a junior writer to do some of the more mundane stuff.

Kai is earning $1200+ a week. As he says himself there is no secret to how he achieved his goal. He bid low prices for lots of jobs and then did the best possible job he could “the only way to turn one-off jobs into ongoing work is by being damn good at what you do.  Design your client some business cards that Patrick Bateman would be proud of and they’ll use you for all their graphic design work in future.  Build your client a Word Press site in record time to their satisfaction, and who are they gonna turn to when they decide to launch a new micro-site?

I explained in detail in the Goal Setting Guide in the main site how to make a plan and then carry out, THAT is your first job. Do it now.  Next I will explain how to create your business and in subsequent posts how to write the different types of articles that help you achieve those goals.

The next step is to make sure you prepare your new business correctly before talking to any potential clients. Mistakes avoided now will save you $1000′s later on. Here is how to get started: Preparing Your Writing Business

Author: Marc Walton

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