How To Write Blog Posts

How To Write Blog Posts

Could you be a great blogger?

While the ease of setting up and posting blogs means almost anyone can do it, blog writing can be a reliable money earner for the freelance writer.  There are two ways in which writers can earn money from blogging:

Writing regular blog articles for clients, promoting their products or services and sharing their news or Developing and maintaining their own blogs and adding advertising or affiliate links that your followers can view.

While a blog could be described as an online journal of sorts, commercial blogs focus on topics or niches that interest a certain section of the population and use compelling copy to build trust and influence followers.  Their success depends upon tapping into popular aspects of a subject and informing or entertaining in a different way from other bloggers.

The three principles of a successful blog are:

  • Updated content that brings people back time and again
  • Registering it with search engines so that it can be found in search results
  • Inclusion of relevant keywords that will help people find your blog.

Whether you are writing for a client or creating your own blog, your goal is to grow a following.  Using the right keywords in your blog posts and staying on topic will help to drive visitors to your content while writing about what interests them will keep them there.

First steps

Of course, before you start writing, you must decide what your topic or niche will be.  While you may have a goal of earning money from your blog, it’s important that you have an interest in your blog topics or it will show in your content.  Everyone has passions, hobbies and experience on which they have built a lot of knowledge and which they can share with others. Most people are familiar with the SMART acronym that is used (mainly in businesses) to set objectives.  However, this article has adapted it to produce solid rules on writing a successful blog:

Select Each Post Carefully:  If you want to impart advice and knowledge, think about the order of your posts and how you can guide your readers through the learning experience.  However, there are many other factors to consider when and what to post.  A diverse range of topics, from gardening to weddings, are seasonal in nature.  Others, such as fashion and politics, change fast and depend upon news and trends.  You need to get the pace and relevance right within your blog posts of your followers will lose interest.

Make Your Posts Matter:  Even if you intend your blog to be funny, there needs to be a core value or principle that matters to your followers.  For example, if you want to write a blog on parenting, what will your slant be?  You could take a factual approach (ways to save money, latest health news) or write about your own experiences in a light-hearted way.  What you think is important to your blog will matter to your loyal readers.

Arresting Content And Style:  While you will learn a lot by reading other people’s blogs, you need to be original in both what you write and how you write it.  Use your natural writing style – your blog will be better for it.  Also, don’t be tempted to rehash other people’s work.  Your knowledge and views will make your blog unique and allow it to stand out from others in your niche.

Regularity:  It may seem obvious but you must post on your blog regularly to keep your followers engaged.  How often will depend upon your niche and how fast moving it is.  If you’re a fashion blogger, you may need to blog several times a week.  In general, though, if you find yourself posting every few weeks, you’re not posting frequently enough to keep traffic coming to your blog.

Time For Action:  Blog posts that encourage readers to do something help to make your blog memorable and increase loyalty, even if it’s just to ask for their opinion.  Taking the parenting example, a blog post might ask its readers to sign an e-petition on an important issue.  However, making the blog commercial might involve linking to a company that sells toys and asking followers to click on the link to its website.

Ideas to generate money from your blog

The first point to note is that any earning potential will depend upon how popular your blog is and how many people visit it each week or month.  It may take you a little time, therefore, to get to a place where you feel that you can try to generate revenue.

Here are a number of ways that you can earn money from blogging:

  1. Sell additional paid-for content, such as a guide, report or e-book on an important aspect of your niche, to your readers.
  2. Write and give away an ebook in exchange for visitors email address, later on you can market similar products to them
  3. Approach companies that are related to your blog and ask them if they would like to advertise on your blog.  You will need to show a detailed analysis of your blog’s traffic to demonstrate that your blog is a good prospect.
  4. Become an affiliate by promoting company links on your blog and earning commission on any purchases that your followers make.  To ensure that this doesn’t backfire, you must ensure that the companies provide good quality products and services.
  5. Offer to write a sponsored post in exchange for a fixed fee.
  6. Use a pay per click advertising program such as Google AdSense, which will place advertisements on your blog and earn you money each time a reader clicks on the link (personally I do not think adsense is a good idea. Targetted traffic arriving at your blog is capable of buying quality products from which you can earn $100′s why send traffic to google and earn cents)?

It can be hard work building a blog to the point where you can generate a reasonable income but posting on the basis of the SMART principles listed above and maintaining your enthusiasm will help you to achieve this. It will also give you the skills so that you can write blog posts for clients & get paid.

Blogging is one way to make regular money as a writer, another simple way is to write for social media for clients. Making Facebook posts, Twitter and all the other myriad of outlets for your new found talents. The bigger money to be made in social media is to establish yourself as a consultant who will manage clients campaigns. That will add $1000′s to your annual income writing for social media and is covered in more detail in the main site. For now concentrate on finishing this course, the next section of which is: How to Write For Social Media

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Author: Marc Walton

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