Free Writing Course

Free Writing Course

In this section you will find a completely free course on how to make a living as a writer. In the main site there is a separate course, written by Suzie Larcombe, who is a freelance writer and author. Suzie will show you how to market your new found skills and services, so you will have a complete business in a box!

The following are complete “success blueprints”, follow them step by step and you could have your first paid work in a matter of days or weeks.

There are lots of different ways to make money as a writer, some of which are mentioned below.

Recent google actions mean that now more than ever there is a growing demand for writers. To achieve high positions in google for your websites or for others, fresh, original content is required. The good news is that it is not difficult to achieve & I explain how in the following “Mini course”

You may be a budding J.K Rowling or you may think that your writing is too poor quality BUT there is money to be made working from home writing, especially for internet businesses.

If you have a good command of your own language and like to write then simply get started. Even if you detest writing there is a semi automated way to create articles for your own websites & you can always outsource from some of your fellow members here or sites like

If you haven’t written anything of substance for years then start practicing now. The brain needs exercise and practise just the same as the other muscles in your body. So start now. Once you have honed your skills and developed a reputation there is nothing to stop you selling your services off line as well. Perhaps for newspapers, magazines, specialised trade magazines, instruction manuals, technical manuals, reviews and a whole lot more.

The long term goal of the Winners Inner Circle is to help you create residual, multiple income streams. Writing can certainly be a part of that strategy and if you can develop a reputation and customer base now then as you get older and perhaps wish to retire or find yourself made redundant then it is a low cost, potentially lucrative past-time and can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Writing is a Business

To become a writer does take work and effort, particularly at the beginning, but it’s a skill that once mastered is relatively easy, ultra low cost and can create ongoing income into the future. It also gives you one of the major skill sets required to create highly profitable web sites for yourself and others.

The good thing about being a writer is that it costs very little to get started and ongoing costs are minimal . In this mini course I will show you how you can acquire this skill for free, but there are a number of low cost tools that I use that will make the job a lot easier– its your call.

If you are serious about developing new skills in any industry then its not unreasonable to expect to pay to acquire those skills, the beauty of being a writer is that both the learning curve and the outlay are tiny. A Doctor will spend 7 or 8 years and over $100.000+ before he starts to earn a substantial salary and begins to repay his student debt. A decent writer can start to do so in a matter of months. Even if you choose to become a professional, high paid sales copy writer then the cost of a quality course is peanuts compared to the start up costs of most other businesses. I am currently reviewing a quality course at the moment whose creator has just quoted me $20.000 to do a sales page!! The guy has sold $100′s of MILLIONS online so he knows what he is doing!

In the following articles I will explain HOW to write for each of the options but firstly you need to start to think about which topics you feel best suit your abilities and your interests. It may be in the initial stages of your new career that you simply accept all offers that are made to you. “How to repair an alternator” to “tips on cooking zucchini”, however its much easier in the long term if you specialise in writing for a particular niche.

Writing on topics that you are passionate about is even easier AND you will develop a knowledge and catalogue of detailed notes that means you can often write articles with the briefest of research. For example I have been writing about forex  & economics for years, so I can usually produce a 1000 word article quickly and with minimum effort. A further benefit of specialising in a specific niche is that you will gain a reputation and following. I, for example, have now established a reputation within the forex niche which means that I can command better prices per article when I write for other publications.

In the following mini course I will explain the steps you need to follow to become a profitable writer. How to plan and create your new business. How to write. How to be productive and ensure you earn enough per hour in the early stages. Styles needed for specific niches. Once your skill sets improve the next stage is to consider the options that are available to you, pit falls to avoid and lots of tips and advice from myself and other experienced professional writers.

Winners Inner Circle Guinea Pig: Richard

I will also introduce you to a friend of mine, Richard, who I have been mentoring to make money as a writer.

Richard is a school teacher & artist by profession, but recent cut backs in the educational budget & the financial melt down mean that he needs to find another way, or at least  additional ways  to make a living.

You can follow Richards first tentative steps on this new career path in the new site, the highs & the lows, in a journal he has been keeping and also examples of his work. He has received payment for his first articles and an ebook and is now a published author after only 8 weeks!

Ways to Make Money As A Writer

Here are just a few of the topics that will be covered in the course. All are proven ways to make money as a writer and will be explained how you can profit from them.

1)      Articles for blog sites, yours or other peoples. Blog posts are usually fairly informal, conversational by nature and as a result easier to write. Whilst spelling and grammar checks are important, this less formal style is easiest to master quickly.

2)      Search Engine Optimization (SEO) articles. There is a lot of demand for decent SEO writers, its nowhere near as well paid as copywriting but you can get lots of work whilst you develop those skills. Search Engine Optimization writing is not too difficult to learn, it doesn’t take a great deal of imagination & there is a set formula to follow. I also use an awesome piece of cheap software that can get blog and forum posts to the 1st page of google in hours on some occasions: I will explain in more detail in the SEO section.

3)      Re-spun articles. If you struggle to think of original posts then simply use existing articles and re write them in your own words. The finished article MUST be 70% original or google will punish it and you wont get paid. Once again there is a trick to this which I explain in the Re-spin article.

4)      E Books either for your own websites, OR for clients. I use ebooks in my free forex site to help build my subscriber list. In exchange for an email address I give away a free 60 page ebook, it has value for the client and I have a targeted lead for the future.

5)      Copywriting: Some of the highest paid writers on line earn their money from writing  tantalisingly, tempting long sales letters. Top sales page copywriters can earn upwards of $20.000 for a single page! Why do top copy writers earn so much? Its all about conversions (sales). On average a website might convert 1% of visitors into paying customers. A good copywriter will be able to double, treble or even more. So a super affiliate with a big list or a small business with high profits per unit sold, can justify the fees. These sales letters are very formulaic but you do need to understand some of the psychology that it involved. If you want to learn the skill (it’s an A to Z formula) then be prepared to invest a few $100 in your education BUT you will learn how to sell more products for clients and your own websites (writers should have their own websites to promote their services and and I will show you how to do that in later sections of the course).

6)      Articles for newspapers and online magazines. In the USA alone there are over 50.000 publishers & 1500 daily newspapers all of whom need articles. Usually you need to have some experience & track record before attempting to get work from the media.

7)      Kindle books. Ever fancied writing a novel? Now you can and be published for a low cost and make money in the process. Lorraine explains all the hurdles she overcame to recently get her first kindle book published & how you can do the same.

8)      Travel writers. Harder to get into but get paid to go on holiday!

9)      Home businesses. 4 new home based businesses start up every minute in the USA alone! They need letters, press releases, marketing brochures, website copy, promotion materials and more.

10)   Write an existing companies history for a brochure

11)   Ghost write for well known people

12)   Start a local free news sheet (with adverts)

13)   Interview well known people

14)   Interview unknown people with an interesting story & sell it to magazines, websites or the press

15)   If you are proficient in another language translate quality articles, now it s original content

16)   Have your own articles translated and sell to magazines, websites etc

17)   Teach others via an ebook, course or work shop (once you have experience of course)

18)   Proof read others writing

19)   Press releases

20)   Social media management, facebook, twitter, linked in posts

That’s a few to be going on with. Open your mind, the possibilities are endless and the great thing about establishing yourself as a writer is that its incredibly low cost to get started. However you will need to put in the hours to create the content and attract clients, but once you can get the ball rolling your income will rise with it.

In the outsourcing section I introduced you to Kai who writes for me, he started as the 30.000th writer in one of the job sites  yet hit the top in just 6 months. He did it by working extremely hard and bidding low – less than $10 an hour, but he now has a large customer base of clients who know he is worth more and he charges over $30 per hour. He also has an assistant who writes some of the more mundane articles and Kai makes a profit on those as well. $1200+ a week working from home in less than a year, it IS achievable so get writing!

To get started on the course AND preparing yourself to work in a professional, business like manner; this is KEY to your success, then click on the following page title

Writers Blueprint to Success

Author: Marc Walton

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