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Free Writing Course

Free Writing Course

In this section you will find a completely free course on how to make a living as a writer. In the main site there is a separate course, written by Suzie Larcombe, who is a freelance writer and author. Suzie will show you how to market your new found skills and services, so you will(…)

Success Blueprint

Writers Blueprint

Every business requires the same basic blueprint. Research, preparation, planning, getting started, THEN offering service to others. For example, if you were planning to become a brain surgeon there would be some serious groundwork, study and preparation involved before you make your first incision!!

How To Get Started

Preparing Your Writing Business

Write Original Content

How To Write Original Content

Prepare Yourself For Success

bigstock-Portrait-of-a-very-happy-young-48907916(1)Winners Think & Act Differently: Discover how to plan & program your brain for success! If you want to become successful then you need to think and act like successful people do.

To paraphrase Albert Einstein  " How can you expect to do the same thing over & over and expect different results"?

Get Started here (100% Free) Success Mindset


bigstock-Set-Goals-Hand-Red-Marker-40622692All success stories start with a plan. Setting goals and targets is not difficult and yet 95% of the population don't do it.

If you want to join the 5% Club of successful people then you need to DO THIS NOW!      Goal Setting Guide

how to freelanceOnce you have learned how to write, you need to find some customers! Experienced writer Suzie Larcombe shows you how she quit her high paid job to become a full time, professional freelance writer.

Suzie has created a mini course on how to market your writing skills and create a work from home business. You can find Suzies course here:       Freelancing Course

how to build a websiteAnother way that will help you find new clients and give your business credibility, is to have your own website.

We can build you a simple site that you can maintain yourself OR here is a complete mini course that will show you how to do it all for yourself. Its 100% Free but you do need to register for this.        COMING SOON

starting a businessIn this part of the site we have shown you how to create an income as a writer. This next section gives you a specific, step by step blueprint to follow when creating ANY type of business.

There is some overlap from what you have just learned BUT if you really want to create a successful business you need to set it up and run it as a professional venture:  CLICK HERE

save money outsourcingOutsourcing. Once you have become established and successful as a writer you may be able to make more money sub contracting some of your projects to other writers!

Outsourcing is the practise of finding people to do work for you (usually cheaper) without having to employ them on a fixed contract. This saves lots of money in terms of holiday pay, social security etc and gives you great flexibility IF you do it properly.

Discover how to save money and time by outsourcing: CLICK HERE


Gordon Trimby

Gordon Trimby

The Winners Inner Circle Group have inspired me to take action!

Dean Saunders

Dean Saunders

Marc & I had never met but he helped me create a $1 Million website

Jonathon Lake

Jonathon Lake

“Marc & The Winners Inner Circle mentors gave me an Awesome Business review & new plan of action”  

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