jonathon lake“Marc & The Winners Inner Circle mentors gave me an Awesome Business review & new plan of action” – Jonathon Lake

“Today I have had a Skype consultation with Marc. Awesome!! and a massive Thank You must go to Marc, for his advice, ideas and vision.

When you work IN your Business full time, it is often difficult to see the wood for the trees! Talking to Marc made me realise that I was building a “monster” which I would not be able to escape from – not the freedom lifestyle that I had intended from the get go!!

There is an analogy which is widely taught about the flea in the glass jar who can only jump so high, and even if the glass jar is removed, he continues to jump to the same height. I am that flea!! Well, was until this morning.

I realised that I had no system in place in my Business – it is pretty much a reactive Business. Buy products, sell products, buy more products, buy new products with the profits, make little ACTUAL money in the bank profits!! Very much Mom and Pop without the bricks and mortar shop!!

I am now, as I write this, effectively going back to the drawing board and starting with a plain piece of paper and constructing a water tight plan and system. I am drilling down into my inventory to see what the ACTUAL profit margins are on EVERY product and have already come up with some ideas for some higher ticket products and also monthly recurring income ideas which have very little work involved.

Thank you Marc for being honest and telling it how it is – very refreshing.”- Jonathon Lake


gordon trimby“The Winners Inner Circle Group have inspired me to take action!” – Gordon Trimby

Thank you, Marc Walton and the “Winners Inner Circle mentoring team” for inspiring me to take action at last!!

For anyone looking to make some big changes in their life and take back the control during the current years of economic uncertainty, the “Winners Inner Circle” is the place to start.

There are some great mentors within the group and they have already helped me immensely, regards, Gordon


dean saunders

“Marc helped me create a $1 Million website,” Dean Saunders.

Marc Walton & I had never met and yet he approached me with a partnership proposal which led to the creation of a business that has produced online sales of well over $1 Million in the last few years! – Dean Saunders

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  1. Gordon
    Jan 29, 2014 @ 11:23:12

    It is great to see the site back up and running again and it is looking great, there is some excellent content on here from which I have learnt a lot.
    I have also been a member of Marc’s Forex Mentor Pro site which I believe is the best Forex members site on the internet I have learnt so much from it. Thanks Marc


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