Suzie Larcombe

suzie larcombe copywriter and business coachSuzie Larcombe BA, Marketing Savvy Professional Copywriter.

I’ve got the right characteristics (creativity, ingenuity, perseverance and tenacity to name but a few) to get a business really noticed.
I have a BA (with Distinction) in Communication, which I completed in Edinburgh in 1992, when I also won The Scotsman Newspaper Student of the Year Award. I also benefit from a Marketing Diploma.

On an ongoing basis, I make it my business to follow a rigid and structured programme of Continuous Professional Development to keep my copywriting methods, approach and techniques constantly up to date.

Prior to being a professional freelance copywriter, I enjoyed 17 years in top-end, high-net-worth UK corporate sales environments.  Since leaving the corporate world 10 years ago to pursue my dream of a healthier work-life balance in South West France, I have developed my own successful business as a professional freelance copywriter. Although my target market is SME’s, I am proud to have been selected to write for and to provide support to a couple of seriously large organisations during this time.

Skill sets: Experienced freelancer, copy writer, business consultant.


No matter whether you’re starting out, re-branding or re-positioning, getting the look, feel and sound of your business spot-on is even more important in today’s crowded and competitive marketplace than ever before. Taking your new concept and making it real, effective and appealing, or taking your existing business and breathing new life into it so it is even more alluring to those discerning consumers is never easy, but it’s well worth the effort.

Many business people manage to achieve this task on their own, but more and more are realising the real value that a clued-up, professional copywriter can bring to their communication table.  Making sure your website is found by the search engines; helping your sales materials sing, and really connecting with your target market are just a few of the things I can do for you.

I have created a complete course that shows you how to become a successful, work from home, freelancer and you can find it here: 100% FREE Freelancers Course

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