Stephen Cole

stephen coleStephen Cole is a sales focused entrepreneur with a technology, software, business and strategic sales background.

He has over 30 year’s experience in technology start-ups, acquiring and building business throughout the UK and Europe. His career started with companies based in the U.S. based in California and in the U. K. where he is now based.

Stephen has specialised in creating technology business opportunities, opening new vertical markets and turn round situations.

He was involved in the commercial, Police and Intelligence communities with McDonnell Douglas Corp specialising in software technologies for the messaging and intelligence.

He was Managing Director of U.S. start-up Verity Inc. (UK) for 6 years between 1990 and 1996. Verity’s Topic search technologies are for organisations to retrieve and manage unstructured data sets. He established application vertical markets for commerce and government in the knowledge processing and information retrieval markets. Now acquired by Autonomy PLC in 2005, he left Verity Inc after a successful NASDAQ IPO in 1995.

in 1996 during the early stages in internet development, he was founder and managing director of Street OnLine, the UK’s fastest growing e-commerce company (FT Press Cutting) which pioneered internet transactional software. Streets OnLine’s data infrastructure and software was developed and pioneered specifically for online retailing. Streets OnLine’s annual turnover was over $30 MILLION per year & was acquired by Kingfisher plc in December 2000 for $35 MILLION. Stephen then accepted a role in Kingfisher plc as Research and Development Director for MVC Entertainment.

After acquiring Intellectual Property Rights from Kingfisher plc, in 2001 he founded Future Route, with ground breaking technology for establishing behavioral rules from massive data sets and specialty vertical markets. While machine learning systems are new today, they will be common place tomorrow.

While gaining exposure to different technology markets and countries, a clear need to accelerate the digital economy grew. The importance of retaining entrepreneurial knowledge while funding technology growth in new enterprises is a crucial. As the internet morphed into mainstream business, there continues to be a need for cost effective software development skills that adds value and differentiates the new businesses which drives economic growth.

That is how establishing traditional development resources in cost effective emerging economies enables the new visionary enterprise to free up time to focus on gaining momentum in the digital economy.

In emerging economies, his 2009 Technology Park Investment model has been adopted widely as a standard for developing key technology industries in places of economic diversification. The model brings together all the components required to grow technology rich and skilled specialties in offshoring and outsourcing of software development and outsourcing non-core business process . The knowledge pool principle creates and grows vertical market expertise that attracts new business opportunities.

Stephen has clearly an awesome amount of business experience & is currently, still actively involved in tech related businesses and he will share as much knowledge and information as is possible & he is available on a one to one basis .

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