Marc Walton

marc 8kbHere is a brief outline of my working and life experiences over the last 30 years. I was born into a poor working class family. Both parents worked full time, long hours and they and my two brothers and I lived in a tiny rented house for the first 14 years of my life. After much scrimping and saving my mum & dad finally managed to buy their first house for $5000 after 15 years of renting.

At school I was mad on football, girls and very little else! A serious shoulder injury finished any hopes of my becoming a pro footballer & I became a guitar strumming hippy and spent a couple of years drifting around Europe, busking, grape picking, ANYTHING to avoid going back to a cold and grey England.

Eventually I returned, had a year doing dead end jobs before starting work as a commission only salesman for a business equipment firm. 18 months later, aged twenty one, I started my first business, selling cash registers with neither money nor family experience to fall back on. I arranged a “sale or return” agreement with an importer – do not let people tell you that its not possible to make money unless you have some. I have done so twice.

I was on my way! The first few years were extremely difficult, I would have earned more money selling for the other company and it was a major achievement if the business was still in existence at months end. After 5 years I sold up, opened a pizzeria and by the time I hit 30 I was a $ Millionaire.

I was then almost bankrupted aged 32 over a bad business decision and a messy divorce. To stay afloat I drove a truck 10 hours a day, rising at 4.00 am, for less than minimum wage and not earning enough to pay my mortgage. I Started my next business aged 33. I still had no money but I persuaded a local businessman to finance a company if I did all the work. When I hit the big 4 0 we sold the business and I semi retired. Bought 10 houses using a great strategy from fellow mentor, Martin O’Hearne, using very little of my own money to create income. Throughout my adult lifetime I have bought over 40 houses mainly using other people’s money.

2002: Emigrated with my young family to the Canary Islands. Discovered that retirement costs considerably more than I had estimated- probably more than before! When you retire you discover that you have so much free time. If you want to maintain your standard of living, eat out a lot, travel, you need lots of money. Hopefully I have another 30 or 40 years and don’t want to live in a cave!

I then spent 3 years trying numerous internet “get rich quick” schemes before I finally learned how to successfully trade forex and make money from websites on the internet. A combination of losses and $1000-s wasted on “wonder products” cost me over 3 years to become profitable at either.  I spent and lost over $30.000 on the two projects AND I had lots of free time available to me that you may not have.

In the last 10 years I have come in to contact with a lot of successful people who have helped me double & treble my income and assets & hopefully they have gained from my knowledge too. This sharing of experience & knowledge led to the birth of the idea of creating a “mastermind group” & more recently the “Winners Inner Circle.” They and I enjoy mentoring others who genuinely want to be successful and most importantly help those who will put in the required effort & then share their knowledge with others.

A further benefit is that we are also able to pass on our collective knowledge to our kids who can work, if they choose, in some capacity within the circle.

The internet is THE best money making opportunity – DONE PROPERLY- I have been involved in during my working lifetime. In my last offline business I employed 20 + people and was working 70 hours a week. With that conventional business model, the overheads were over $100.000 a month before I earned a penny. I now earn a big, six figure income, working from my home office, working far fewer hours and my fixed costs are only a few $1000 a month. In other words I am around $98,000.00 a month better off before I even get out of bed!

I have no permanent staff (I outsource skilled people from all over the world and I will show you how). This means I have no hassle from employees. If someone is not up to the job or doesn’t complete the task in time, I find someone else. I am not restricted by any labour laws. I pay no holiday nor sick pay. No social security payments. Nada. Stress free!!

Throughout the site I and my colleagues share our experiences and strategies that are still working for us. None of us are financial advisers. We simply show you how we found ways to be successful. The pitfalls to avoid & a success blueprint that works for us. You of course need to do your own due diligence and make your own decisions.