Why Is This All Free?

So whats the catch? Why is all this great content and 100%% Free blueprints available at zero cost?  

  • The site was designed so that myself and fellow members of my mentor group would be willing to help ordinary people realise that despite the crisis there were still huge opportunities to make a lot of money.
  • Those of you who can learn how to think and act differently can actually make more money now than at any time in the past!
  • The impending pensions crisis, which is now apparent to everyone, also means that folks need to learn to earn more money AND plan their financial future for themselves.
  • Relying on state pensions or blindly handing over your hard earned cash to financial advisers and risking a “Lehman Brothers” scenario is a terrifying thought for most people.
  • So, discover how to make more money, create multiple income streams that can continue into your retirement years & invest it under your own control is our mantra.

Originally this site launched in January 2013 at a discounted price of $199 per year. To say that everything that could go wrong, did go wrong would be a huge understatement! The final straw came 36 hours into the launch when I broke my shoulder, coaching soccer. I was in hospital for a few days, placed on very strong pain killers, couldn’t sleep and faced a big operation or many months of physiotherapy. I decided that as I would not be able to offer the quality service that I usually deliver, I gave folks their money back, still gave them access to the site, but closed the doors to new members.

Since then I have my health back but the site has been sat here doing nothing. Due to other new projects I don’t have the time to give the 100% attention that is needed to support paying members SO I decided to make it all free! The hope is that advertising revenue will cover the over heads and if the site attracts LOTS of visitors we can look at employing a full time editor to take it forwards.

Why Are The Mentors Giving Their Time Free?

The aim of any “mastermind group” is that we all help each other to mutually profit. We hope that you will be able to follow our blueprints to success and follow in our footsteps. In return some of you may have ideas that will help us make money and some may want to work on a paid, one to one basis with some of us. So its a win win for everyone!

To get started on the path to new found health, wealth and prosperity then the first step is you need to adopt the thought processes and mentality of successful people. Click on the following link to get started:

Change Your Thinking to A Winners Mindset


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Author: Marc Walton