Starting A Business


In a separate module we look at starting an internet business, but many of the same rules apply to any business offline or online. You can start an internet business for less than a $100. You can also create a company or additional income offline, selling products or services for commission or on “sale or return.”

In this module we detail the process of creating any offline business from scratch or buying an existing business. However many of the same rules apply if you are starting online & wish to plan it properly. If  only 5% succeed then go the extra mile & give yourself a better chance of success. Extra effort at the planning stage will give you the best chance of creating a successful business.

Starting Any Business:

The principal is the same. You need to come up with an idea. Usually people create businesses in which they have some knowledge & experience. What is important is that you try to choose something that at the very least interests you, even better if you can monetize something you are passionate about.

If you can’t think of something original then copy someone else’s. After all Richard Branson became a billionaire, having started with no money, using the tactic of copying badly run, existing businesses & simply doing it better. If you are struggling now do not worry, we have lots of innovative and interesting ideas for you to consider in the weeks & months ahead, the vital next stages are research & planning. All covered in detail in this module.