Member Steve’s $1000 an hour:

Member Steve’s $1000 an hour:

In earlier posts I showed you how to make better use of what income or money you already have. Following the exact steps I laid out I managed to save MANY $1000′S. Member Steve did MUCH better!

Steve has claimed the best result so far. “Marc, thank you so much for making me get off my butt. Less than 4 hours on the phone & I just created an extra $2798 per year. That equates to over $4000 in pre tax income, the first time in my life where I “earned” a $1000 per hour!”

Thus far all that has been required is a little effort on your part & yet many of you will have failed to complete these simple tasks. The financial world is a very scary place right now and is likely to get much worse for the majority of people. Those who take action and put in place a plan right now will have the best chance to survive and prosper.

My next goal for this “Success Blue Print” is to help every member EARN an extra $5000 Per year.

In the coming weeks & months I will show you how to create an additional $5000 per year extra income. This will require work, time and effort from you. The long term, overall aim of this program is to show you how to create hands off residual income, however you need to put in the time and effort now to get the ball rolling.

Forget all the “get rich quick” “ I earned $20.000 in a day” nonsense, its bullsh*t and you know it.

To get your financial snowball rolling it takes hard work and effort BUT, done properly, with a plan, the rewards can be fantastic. You will also learn skills you can teach your kids, family & friends & charge for those new skills in the future.

If you are not sure on what you need to do or don’t have an idea of how to make more money and invest it better than I will offer you dozens of ideas and strategies over the coming months and I will also be available to work with small groups or individuals, for a fee, for those who want to “fast track” their future success.

At the very least you can now write down where you aim to be and some of the steps that you can take to get there.

Suzie Larcombe has created a step by step blueprint for you to follow. Suzie makes a 6 figure working from home and she tells you EXACTLY what you need to do. Even if her chosen method of earning money is not your thing, the strategy can be used for most types of, low cost, home based businesses(do yourself a favour, cast off the negativity and it least give this a try): Suzie Larcombe’s Success Blueprint

Author: Marc Walton

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