Omar Eltoukhy

Omar-EltoukhyOmar is one of our younger mentors.

He joined my forex mentor program in 2009 and was one of my most enthusiastic students. Always upbeat. Always generous with his time. Always wanting to know more. In 2012 he & I started to work together. He had become an accomplished trader and was particularly skilled at testing automated products (robots) most of which are either a scam or at best simply do not work.

Omar started to develop a reputation for his detailed testing, due diligence and honest reviews. He is also outstanding in terms of customer support.

All of this he did for free. As a result I offered to mentor him one to one in 2012 so that he could monetize his skills and perhaps look at other types of businesses as well. By the end of the year, largely as a result of his own efforts, he had created an online amazon “shop” for a totally unrelated product & became a paid consultant to a website where he helped test and develop a system that he now uses to trade.

In December 2012 he had his best month so far on Amazon with sales of over $20.000. So the student becomes the master & willing to pass on his experiences, tips & advice which after all is what mentoring is all about.

Here is Omars brief biography:

“I started investing in stocks my freshman year of high school. The whole idea of buying shares of companies and letting their success become my own absolutely fascinated me. I invested in a few companies that I thought had “cool” products that people could use with a little bit of saved up birthday money I had accumulated over the years (around $300).

Later, I became the proverbial “poor college student” and needed a bit of cash to help with expenses. I remembered the investments I had made as a freshman and decided to “cash in my chips”. Much to my delight, the $300 had turned into $900!! “WOW” I thought, “How cool is that??”

When I graduated, with a Bachelor in Business Management, I pursued a job as a stock broker with two different and highly respected financial institutions. I went into it with a passion for wanting to make my clients money. You know what I found out???? THESE COMPANIES ONLY CARED ABOUT THEIR OWN GAINS, NOT THE CLIENT!!!

I soon realized that the only way to make real money in the investment world is to do it yourself and I promptly left retail financial services. I guess you could say that was my big “ah-ha” moment and it’s certainly the biggest reason why many of us decide to do our own trading.

After retail, I wanted something faster-paced and led to forex. 24-hours a day market? I can work around MY schedule? Sign me up! What I didn’t realize though when I started is that I would be bombarded constantly by marketers trying to sell me the “holy grail” for trading whether it was complicated and expensive manual systems, automated programs for trading or overpriced educational programs that didn’t deliver.

This actually led me becoming a forex systems tester, where I analyzed, tested and configured automated, manual and hybrid trading systems on my own forum. My goal was to be an honest “voice” in the world of over-hyped, heavily marketed, but rarely profitable systems. I would test the systems and optimize them FIRST, before any of my members ever spent a DIME on ANYTHING. Since then I have created a number of websites & a completely unrelated business on Amazon & I hope to share my varied life & business experiences with the members of W.I.C”


Omar Eltoukhy

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