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martin o hearneMarc introduces you to a friend and mentor, Martin O’Hearne: “I have known Martin for 20 years and he is one of THE main reasons that I managed to bring forward my retirement plans by YEARS from a brilliant piece of out of the box thinking which changed all my previously held beliefs about how to use money to make money.

This was the turning point in my financial education & was the platform from which I went forwards & learned to think and act and invest like the rich, more financially educated elite.

Martin & I will explain in detail in the property module.

Martin came from a poor background, his first job on leaving school was an undertakers assistant. He eventually became a manager for the company before starting a retail hosiery business. Initially he started as an out door market trader, but by the time he was 26 years old he had 10 retail outlets. By the time he reached 40 he had created a £multi million property portfolio & is a director of a number of other property & financial services companies.

Martin is very outgoing and a fun guy to be around BUT he doesn’t like to brag about money and keeps a very low profile. After a lot of arm twisting I have finally persuaded him to join us here at the winners inner circle, to share his knowledge and some fabulous new very profitable ideas and concepts that can be implemented right now.

Martins Story

I’m Martin O’Hearne and I have been a residential property buyer, investor and landlord for over 15 years. In addition to my role as a residential landlord, I’m also an  experienced finance broker and I have successfully helped many others in the residential investment property market. In 1996 I was a founding partner in what became the UK’s largest wholesale mortgage distribution network and today I have more than 20 years experience in the residential and buy to let mortgage market.

I concentrate my buying time in Leeds and Yorkshire, in the north of England as they are areas I know well.  Whilst things are still undoubtedly tough, there are also some good buying opportunities and I believe I have the credentials in this sector, along with a great insight into how the residential investment property market works, to help you buy the right type of investment.

The obvious question is why would anybody invest in property when, on the face of it,  the market is still going down?  It’s a fair question but there comes a point in any cycle when an investment starts to looks attractive. It’s virtually impossible to predict the bottom of the market, despite all the reports you see and read, for all we know we might have already hit the bottom as there are so many variables that affect it.  Personally, I don’t think we are at the bottom yet in some areas but it doesn’t mean that bargains can’t be had today.

Why invest in residential property? Arguably, stocks and shares have performed relatively poorly over the mid to long term, we have certainly seen their volatility during the recent credit crunch and despite recent performances, the man in the street is still very reluctant to invest in things they don’t fully understand or more importantly, control.

On a personal note, I have serious questions about the ability of fund managers and the city investors when I look at the performance of my own pension and ISA’s. Maybe I would have been better off putting the lot on the roulette table!   For me, property investing is the perfect formula, not least because I can touch and feel my investment, it’s tangible and I know where it is and most important of all, I control it.

Here are just a few examples of why residential property is a good long term investment in the U.K;

  • Britain is a small country with an ever increasing population and a limited amount of property.
  • Property is real.
  • Property is easy to understand and seen as a solid long term investment.
  • Unlike shares, property is tangible – it can be touched and it can be seen, and unlike shares, most people understand residential property!
  • Unlike pension portfolios you have total control over your investment
  • It is clear when prices are going up and down and the reasons for this movement.

In the present climate and it’s still very early days and anything can happen,  the market is showing small signs of stabilizing, interest in property is increasing and in my view there are going to be some very good buying opportunities during 2014. There are lots of home owners who are desperate to sell and this is the market which we need to tap in to.

When I first started buying property the emphasis was on capital growth, now with deposit returns at their lowest, the emphasis is on the yields. If you choose the right property at the correct price then yields of 12 to 15% are possible.  I will explain in more detail within the property section.

Martin O’ Hearne

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