Who We Are

Who We Are

We are a group of very experienced entrepreneurs and business owners who formed a “mastermind group” to help one another become even more successful.

As you will have seen in the Whats In It For You? page we come from very diverse backgrounds, industries and countries but all have a main goal of helping group members to maximise their potential. Here are the biographies from just a few of the mastermind group mentors. There are more great additions to the team who will be revealed later.

Everybody is donating their time free of charge, but all are busy people so will probably drop by once a week. It will be best for the mentors and fellow members if you can post any questions you may have as ”comments” below their bio’s or relevant articles. If you have a more personal request then please accept that it may take some time for them to reply. There are opportunities to work more closely and even one to one with some mentors – see the One To One Section

Lead Mentor, Marc Walton

marc walton business mentor, author and coachMarc was born into a poor family and grew up in a tiny rented back to back house in a working class area of Leeds, England. He started his first business aged 21, with no money nor family experience. Over the next 20 years he created two more “offline”, bricks and mortar businesses, bought, flipped and built houses and managed to semi retire with his wife and young kids to their island in the sun not long after his 40th birthday.

This was despite being almost bankrupted over a messy divorce and bad business decision in his early 30′s. Since his “semi retirement”he has discovered how to make a substantial income working from home and teaching others how to do the same. If you would like to know more about Marc Walton CLICK HERE

stephencoleStephen Cole has over 30 years experience in technology start ups. Creating, developing and acquiring businesses in the USA & Uk since the early 1990′s. He has taken companies to successful NASDAQ IPO?s and was founder and Managing Director of “Street Online, the, then, UK’s fastest growing e-commerce company.

Steve built the company to over $30 Million per year in sales and eventually sold it for $35 Million back in December 2000. Steve is at the forefront of current internet and app developments and has an expert eye for the “next big thing,” if you have a technology business or idea he is your man!

You can find out more about Stephen Cole Here

Rich-FriesenRichard Friesen is a great, fun guy who went from being “The worst trainee trader” that Merrill Lynch had seen in the early 1980′s to owning his own futures trading firm in the 1990′s. Richard now coaches & mentors financial professionals, independent traders and entrepreneurs. He shows them how to conquer their mental demons and maximise their potential.

Rich is currently developing a system to teach those on a more limited budget, via the internet.

As well as being a successful trader for over 25 years Richard holds a B.A in Philosophy, a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and is a graduate of the Gestalt Institute in San Francisco. He has also undertaken Masters training in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). if you would like to know more about Rich Friesen, CLICK HERE

suzie larcombeSuzie Larcombe, BA (Distinction) in communication. After 17 years Suzie quit her highly paid job working for major financial corporations and emigrated with her young family to the south west of France. In the last 10 years she has created her own successful business “freelancing” , working from home 4 days a week. This gives her the income she needs to spend a lot more quality time with her daughters and her other passion, skiing. Suzie has kindly created a full course so you can follow in her successful footsteps & which you can find here: Suzie Larcombe Freelancing Course to know more about Suzie, CLICK HERE

dan lowDan Low is a a self-improvement and behavioral expert, Dan is also a corporate trainer. He has spent more than 25 years helping individuals control negative emotions and life situations through Eastern/Western behavioral modification techniques and is the author of “Maximize Your Potential with Powerful Tools… And No Stress”.

Main Areas: Behavior Modification, Self-Improvement, Corporate Training. To find out more about Dan CLICK HERE

FOTO TO                  Fotis Papatheofanous is an ex hedge fund trader of futures and foreign currencies. Fotis now provides analysis and trades for high net worth individuals. He also mentors home based retail traders  and Fotis is currently developing a system with Marc Walton where they can trade for private individuals. The attraction for the client is that they aim for at least 30% ROI per annum for clients.

Previously they have run systems that have returned over 100% per year. Nothing is guaranteed when it comes to this type of trading BUT it does give  the “man in the street” the chance to earn the same returns as more sophisticated investors To Kind out more about Fotis CLICK HERE

martin o hearneMartin O’Hearne started his working life as a mortuary assistant. He is now an expert property investor with a multi £million portfolio. Martin was key in helping Marc retire aged 40 and emigrate to his island in the sun. Martin aims to give you the knowledge to do the same. Property CAN be one of the most successful forms of investment, if it is done properly. However there have been major changes in most western markets in the last few years and many of the books on the subject are out of date almost as soon as they are published.

The early years of the Century was awash with easy cash for those wanting to invest in or flip property. Those days have gone and are unlikely to return in the near future. Now more than ever would be investors need a plan that deals with the current reality. In the coming months Martin’s goal is to keep you up to date with events and strategies to suit all pockets. To find out more about Martin, CLICK HERE

Omar-EltoukhyOmar Eltouhky brings 3 major skills to the group, the first of which is his boundless, positive energy :) Secondly Omar started a business selling on Amazon in 2012 which after 4 months was achieving sales of $20.000 a month! he will share his experience and latest strategies here at the Winners Inner Circle.Thirdly he is a full time, home based forex trader and mentor,  he was originally a forex student of our own Marc Walton. Omar eventually became so successful as a trader that he quit his day job to become full time and he now mentors others. Check Out Omars Biography Here: Omar Eltoukhy

sharlena-eltoukhySharlena Roberts Eltoukhy is the youngest, but highly valued member of the team. Sharlena has a Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Management and freelances those skills to small/medium sized businesses who are not yet big enough to have their own H.R department. She also is an experienced social media consultant and with husband, Omar created a business that in just a few short months was making major sales via Amazon.Find out more about Sharlena here: Sharlena Roberts Eltoukhy

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