What We Do

What We Do

The Winners Inner Circle has been created to show you how you can copy my Mastermind group of mentors and I to become financially independent & time rich.

Discover how to use the same tried & tested strategies that we use, that have worked for over a 100 years in offline businesses. Many of these same techniques are key to succeeding online as well.

The site goal is to show you lots of interesting and innovative ways to look after yourselves financially. How to make more money NOW. Then, how to create long term residual income. How to to use that extra income more smartly & to use it to provide for yourself & your loved ones now and particularly in your retirement years.

We will show you how to acquire new skills and how to make more money now AND build businesses to create future income streams.

In the menu to the left and above you will find links to the various business ideas, strategies and complete success blueprints for you to follow, step by step. If you register for our newsletter (to the right of this article) you will receive updates when we feature no ideas and opportunities.

Key to becoming successful is the need to change your thinking. Start to think and act like successful people do. Stop floating around in a sea of uncertainty and fear, make a plan and follow it! All revealed here in this first, KEY module: Mindset Blueprint:

Change Your Thinking & Make a Plan

Next take a look at some of our blueprints to success. In this first section you have the opportunity to create a part time or full time business that you can work from home & continue in your retirement years. Its ultra low cost to start and there is HUGE demand for the service and its free & not difficult to advertise your services. Don’t be put off thinking you can’t do this or its too hard. You CAN DO IT, I recently mentored a friend of mine who was a complete novice and who now makes a second income writing. Simply follow the blueprint laid out in this complete, 100% free course:

Free Writers Course

There will be lots of similar “Blue prints” added in the coming months. Once you have acquired a new skill the next part of the puzzle is how do you market yourself & find clients?  Mentor Suzie Larcombe has created a blueprint for you to follow based on her transition from working for a major finance house to becoming a successful, home based entrepreneur.

Suzie quit her 6 figure job, emigrated to her dream home and now works when she chooses and has more clients than she can cope with. Suzie is a copywriter and business coach BUT this strategy can be used by almost all home based business people. Suzie is a freelancer, do NOT be put off by negative thoughts or stories you have heard. Many people think that freelancing is all about hiring cheap labour from 3rd world countries. As someone who has been down that route I can guarantee you that many, many people are prepared to pay more for quality work from suppliers whose mother tongue is English. If English is not your first language you can of course offer yourself in your own.

You can find this awesome, 100% Free course here:

Suzies Blueprint to Success

There is no magical “one size fits all” scenario. People are different. Have different tastes, likes, wants, budgets, times and things they wish to achieve. There are mentors here from backgrounds as diverse as corporate training, psychology, internet marketing, software development, finance, food, property, precious metals, writing, futures and forex trading. The one thing they all have in common? A website.

This site is NOT just about websites. If you have zero interest in websites then you still have the opportunity to discover lots of ways to make more money, the mindset & strategies that my fellow mentors and I use to make substantial incomes now and that will continue in the future. Every month one of the mentors will showcase his business strategy, explain what he or she does and give you the opportunity to choose whether its for you or not. To be notified when a new “blueprint” is ready register here for our free newsletter

Old style internet marketing is DEAD:

In an upcoming module I will show you the NEW way to make money with websites. My personal income from selling products and services online in 2013 fell by $100.000 due to Google changes. Yet most old style internet marketing “gurus” are still selling courses on “How to Make Money Online” that simply do not work anymore. I learned the hard way, when my blueprint is released you will have the chance to find out FREE how to adapt to these new changes and prosper! REGISTER NOW and be one of the first to test drive this revolutionary strategy before I decide to charge for it! After all it cost me $100.000 to learn how so it has a BIG VALUE.

These basic skill alone will put you in the 5% of people on the planet who know how to do this and it will open the door for multiple opportunities to make money now and long term.

I can not think of a business that does not benefit from having an internet presence. Some of our mentors make ALL their money from their websites, for others its simply an additional tool in their advertising arsenal. You can of course have someone make a site for you and maintain it BUT if you acquire the basic skills you can learn in less than a week how to create and have live, your first website. You can then discover how to easily maintain it & make money from it.

The Not So Good News :( 

This site is NOT the usual get rich quick nonsense. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Many of you need to change the habits of a lifetime. Change your thinking. Make new plans. Acquire new skills. Market those skills. All of which by definition will not happen overnight. However you can start to earn more money fairly quickly whilst putting in place the foundations of your new financial freedom. The long term goal is to create multiple income streams and automate as many of them as possible.

I explained earlier how vitally important it is that you learn how to make websites however for those who already know how to create websites or prefer not to I explain numerous ways in which you can make money now, working from home, using your computer.

Follow the step by step blueprints. The first major milestones you need to achieve are developing the correct mindset to be more successful at anything. Next it is vital that you make a plan and set your goals. I failed to do this for 20 years as I always found it to be a bit too “new age.” When I finally sat down and did this my income doubled and then doubled again in recent years.

At the same time you will find posts in the diary area from all mentors covering many subjects that will give you an overview of the mindsets, strategies and tools they use to be successful.


Start Here: Change Your Thinking

Author: Marc Walton

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