What Type of Work?

what exactly do freelancers do?

What Type of Work DO Freelancers Do?

The tools of the freelancer’s trade are normally a laptop computer, an internet connection, a skill and a whole lot of optimism and determination. Although the list of work carried out freelancers is extensive, we’ve decided to focus on some of the most popular freelance jobs here, in order to help you get some ideas flowing.

Here’s just some of the work people ask freelancers to do:

  1. Web design and development. Most business owners have now accepted that they need a website.  Having an online presence these days is the equivalent of having a business card twenty years ago and is pretty much expected by prospective clients.  That said, not all business owners have fortunes to invest in their web presence, so they seek out low cost solutions, typically provided by freelancers.   If you take advantage of the FREE website creation & management on this site this could be a great freelance opportunity for you.
  2. Business support.  With more and more small businesses springing up globally, there are more and more small business owners who need support and aren’t in a position to, or don’t want to employ someone.  This is where freelancers come in.  Irrespective of whether it’s remote secretarial support, bookkeeping or diary management, this area of business is really interesting for freelancers.
  3. Marketing.  During tough times, one of the first budgets to get slashed is the marketing budget.  Although this is understandable, it can be financial suicide for business owners.  Switched on business owners realise that their need for marketing during tough and challenging economic periods is even greater than during boom-times.  It is for this reason that freelancers with strong marketing skills and abilities do really well.
  4. Copywriting, editing and proofreading.  If you have a genuine way with words, there is plenty of demand for copywriters, editors and proofreaders, particularly for the web.  In addition to writing for the web, there are opportunities to write, edit or proofread articles as well as writing brochures and CVs.  In this sector of freelancing, you can promote yourself to individuals and businesses alike.  I know there’s plenty of demand in this area because this is where I make my living. If you are interested in earning a living as a writer then check out our great FREE writing course
  5. Translation.  With more and more business owners looking globally to find their customers, the opportunities for translators are greater than ever.  If you have a second language that you have perfected to a high standard, why not look at translation as a way of launching your new freelance career?
  6. Social media management.  Social media is something that most business owners dabble with, but give up, either because they run out of steam or they don’t see immediate results.  If you’re a Facebook fan or a tenacious tweeter, why not take our online course so you can offer social media management as your freelance service?

As you can see, there’s any number of opportunities to launch yourself as a freelancer.  Finding the best solution for you is about analyzing your skills and deciding which job you would enjoy most.   If you need help with that, why not give me a shout?  suzie@suzielarcombe.com

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