Position Yourself

Position Yourself

Positioning yourself as a freelancer is something you should think carefully about before you launch yourself on any freelance site or make your own website. Positioning is all about where you see yourself in relation to your competitors and where you choose to be in your chosen sector.

Positioning can relate to the service you provide, the prices you charge, or an area of specialism that you want to push. Positioning relates heavily to your USPs, but isn’t quite the same, because it’s more subtle and more strategic in many ways, so it’s really important to take time to consider where you want to appear in the great scheme of things.


Here are some of the things you should consider to establish your position:

  1. Decide exactly who you want to appeal to and how you need to speak to them.  Appealing to everyone rarely works for freelancers or small businesses, so identifying a specific demographic is a great way to position yourself.  In my case, I have considerable experience working with high net worth and high earning clients and understand their way of thinking.  It’s for this reason that I position my business to appeal to this sector.  What’s more, I know I can convert them into paying clients once I have their attention! ;-)
  2. Decide on your pricing strategy.  Where you pitch your price in relation to your competitors will affect your position.  In certain sectors, low price strategies work well, but in others, a higher price can actually result in more interest and more sales.  It’s a dangerous strategy to assume that cheap is good, because invariably, if you’re successful, you’ll simply end up a busy fool.  My price position is slightly above the market average, but my quality is exceptional, so once I get a client I tend to keep them.
  3. Establish where you can add value.  This is a really important feature of positioning yourself.  If you can add value above and beyond the job you’re asked to do, this is highly appealing to potential clients and will win you business time and time again.  It could be that you’re a website designer, but you have a real knack with design, so not only will your client end up with a functional site, they’ll get a great looking one to boot.  In my case, I have considerable small business coaching experience, so this means that my clients don’t only get great copy, they get someone who understands the big picture of their business as well.  This is extremely important for clients who are starting out or going through a change phase.

Once you have established your precise target market, your pricing and where you can add value, you need to get to work on how you will describe your position on your website and in your profile.  On this one, while you need to get the message across, you need to be subtle.  Positioning is a fine line to tread and will take time to achieve a good result, but one thing’s for sure and that is the time you invest on this will pay real dividends in the fullness of time.  If you need help though, do get in touch, suzie@winnersinnercircle.com.


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