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Omar Eltoukhy

Omar-EltoukhyOmar is one of our younger mentors.

He joined my forex mentor program in 2009 and was one of my most enthusiastic students. Always upbeat. Always generous with his time. Always wanting to know more. In 2012 he & I started to work together. He had become an accomplished trader and was particularly skilled at testing automated products (robots) most of which are either a scam or at best simply do not work.

Omar started to develop a reputation for his detailed testing, due diligence and honest reviews. He is also outstanding in terms of customer support.

All of this he did for free. As a result I offered to mentor him one to one in 2012 so that he could monetize his skills and perhaps look at other types of businesses as well. By the end of the year, largely as a result of his own efforts, he had created an online amazon “shop” for a totally unrelated product & became a paid consultant to a website where he helped test and develop a system that he now uses to trade.

In December 2012 he had his best month so far on Amazon with sales of over $20.000. So the student becomes the master & willing to pass on his experiences, tips & advice which after all is what mentoring is all about.

Here is Omars brief biography:

“I started investing in stocks my freshman year of high school. The whole idea of buying shares of companies and letting their success become my own absolutely fascinated me. I invested in a few companies that I thought had “cool” products that people could use with a little bit of saved up birthday money I had accumulated over the years (around $300).

Later, I became the proverbial “poor college student” and needed a bit of cash to help with expenses. I remembered the investments I had made as a freshman and decided to “cash in my chips”. Much to my delight, the $300 had turned into $900!! “WOW” I thought, “How cool is that??”

When I graduated, with a Bachelor in Business Management, I pursued a job as a stock broker with two different and highly respected financial institutions. I went into it with a passion for wanting to make my clients money. You know what I found out???? THESE COMPANIES ONLY CARED ABOUT THEIR OWN GAINS, NOT THE CLIENT!!!

I soon realized that the only way to make real money in the investment world is to do it yourself and I promptly left retail financial services. I guess you could say that was my big “ah-ha” moment and it’s certainly the biggest reason why many of us decide to do our own trading.

After retail, I wanted something faster-paced and led to forex. 24-hours a day market? I can work around MY schedule? Sign me up! What I didn’t realize though when I started is that I would be bombarded constantly by marketers trying to sell me the “holy grail” for trading whether it was complicated and expensive manual systems, automated programs for trading or overpriced educational programs that didn’t deliver.

This actually led me becoming a forex systems tester, where I analyzed, tested and configured automated, manual and hybrid trading systems on my own forum. My goal was to be an honest “voice” in the world of over-hyped, heavily marketed, but rarely profitable systems. I would test the systems and optimize them FIRST, before any of my members ever spent a DIME on ANYTHING. Since then I have created a number of websites & a completely unrelated business on Amazon & I hope to share my varied life & business experiences with the members of W.I.C”


Omar Eltoukhy

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Martin O’Hearne

martin o hearneMarc introduces you to a friend and mentor, Martin O’Hearne: “I have known Martin for 20 years and he is one of THE main reasons that I managed to bring forward my retirement plans by YEARS from a brilliant piece of out of the box thinking which changed all my previously held beliefs about how to use money to make money.

This was the turning point in my financial education & was the platform from which I went forwards & learned to think and act and invest like the rich, more financially educated elite.

Martin & I will explain in detail in the property module.

Martin came from a poor background, his first job on leaving school was an undertakers assistant. He eventually became a manager for the company before starting a retail hosiery business. Initially he started as an out door market trader, but by the time he was 26 years old he had 10 retail outlets. By the time he reached 40 he had created a £multi million property portfolio & is a director of a number of other property & financial services companies.

Martin is very outgoing and a fun guy to be around BUT he doesn’t like to brag about money and keeps a very low profile. After a lot of arm twisting I have finally persuaded him to join us here at the winners inner circle, to share his knowledge and some fabulous new very profitable ideas and concepts that can be implemented right now.

Martins Story

I’m Martin O’Hearne and I have been a residential property buyer, investor and landlord for over 15 years. In addition to my role as a residential landlord, I’m also an  experienced finance broker and I have successfully helped many others in the residential investment property market. In 1996 I was a founding partner in what became the UK’s largest wholesale mortgage distribution network and today I have more than 20 years experience in the residential and buy to let mortgage market.

I concentrate my buying time in Leeds and Yorkshire, in the north of England as they are areas I know well.  Whilst things are still undoubtedly tough, there are also some good buying opportunities and I believe I have the credentials in this sector, along with a great insight into how the residential investment property market works, to help you buy the right type of investment.

The obvious question is why would anybody invest in property when, on the face of it,  the market is still going down?  It’s a fair question but there comes a point in any cycle when an investment starts to looks attractive. It’s virtually impossible to predict the bottom of the market, despite all the reports you see and read, for all we know we might have already hit the bottom as there are so many variables that affect it.  Personally, I don’t think we are at the bottom yet in some areas but it doesn’t mean that bargains can’t be had today.

Why invest in residential property? Arguably, stocks and shares have performed relatively poorly over the mid to long term, we have certainly seen their volatility during the recent credit crunch and despite recent performances, the man in the street is still very reluctant to invest in things they don’t fully understand or more importantly, control.

On a personal note, I have serious questions about the ability of fund managers and the city investors when I look at the performance of my own pension and ISA’s. Maybe I would have been better off putting the lot on the roulette table!   For me, property investing is the perfect formula, not least because I can touch and feel my investment, it’s tangible and I know where it is and most important of all, I control it.

Here are just a few examples of why residential property is a good long term investment in the U.K;

  • Britain is a small country with an ever increasing population and a limited amount of property.
  • Property is real.
  • Property is easy to understand and seen as a solid long term investment.
  • Unlike shares, property is tangible – it can be touched and it can be seen, and unlike shares, most people understand residential property!
  • Unlike pension portfolios you have total control over your investment
  • It is clear when prices are going up and down and the reasons for this movement.

In the present climate and it’s still very early days and anything can happen,  the market is showing small signs of stabilizing, interest in property is increasing and in my view there are going to be some very good buying opportunities during 2014. There are lots of home owners who are desperate to sell and this is the market which we need to tap in to.

When I first started buying property the emphasis was on capital growth, now with deposit returns at their lowest, the emphasis is on the yields. If you choose the right property at the correct price then yields of 12 to 15% are possible.  I will explain in more detail within the property section.

Martin O’ Hearne

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Fotis Papatheofanous

Fotis Papatheofanous is an ex hedge fund trader and a highly qualified and experienced financial analyst and trader. He currently trades futures, the Dax index, German Bund and forex as well as constructing investment portfolios and preparing analysis, trade recommendations  and portfolio management for a number of brokers and high net worth individuals. Fotis has kindly agreed to share some of his experience with members.

If you are tired of handing over your net income to financial advisers and companies who could perform badly and still charge you, or even worse go bust and you lose everything, then Fotis is the man for you. He will create a new section in the site. In this new section he will explain how hedge funds construct their portfolios and how you can do the same.


• Academic Studies: BEng (Honours) in Electronic & Computer Engineering, Master in Business Administration (MBA), Postgraduate Diploma in Finance, Postgraduate Diploma in International Securities, Investment and Banking, Certified Derivatives Consultant.

Fotis is a proprietary trader/portfolio manager located in Greece and London. He trades futures mainly on US and European stock indices, as well as currencies. Fotis has worked as a trader / investments consultant for hedge funds and High Net Worth clients. In his trading career he has traded stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, options, futures and currencies.

His trading strategy has a systematic global macro bias, a mix of statistical and mathematical analysis together with a view on current geopolitical issues. He has also published articles on the current financial crisis covering the geopolitical aspects of the economic crisis; the forces that shaped Germany and Europe after the First World War to the current geopolitical and political climate.

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Dan Low

dan lowA self-improvement and behavioral expert, Dan is also a corporate trainer.

He has spent more than 25 years helping individuals control negative emotions and life situations through Eastern/Western behavioral modification techniques and is the author of “Maximize Your Potential with Powerful Tools… And No Stress”.

Main Areas: Behavior Modification, Self-Improvement, Corporate Training.

Best Sellers: Maximize Your Potential with Powerful Tools… and No Stress

Career Focus: Author, Speaker, Corporate Trainer

Dan Low, 65, international consultant and author did his research in the 1970s and created a series of highly operational tools combining Western/Eastern management strategies.

His seminars were initially attended by CEOs from multinationals before being extended to the general public and company personnel in 1993. Since then he has held more than 500 interactive sessions and given 150 conferences in Europe.
Dan taught the techniques of advanced management at the French University Paris Nord. He was formerly coordinator of the Management Group in an international networking association of professionals and alumni of major business schools.
He intervened at UNESCO, and ARFEC for top and senior executives, and currently trains managers at all levels, as well as engineers, heads of department and sales personnel.

His book ”The Art of Self-Combat”, initially published in France by Pearson Education was re-edited in 2007 by Lulu Enterprises Inc. under the title ”Maximize Your Potential with Powerful Tools… and No Stress”. It was published in Japan by PHP Institute.

The book has been censored in China. Low believes it is because the behavior modification tools/methodology are too revealing and empower the individual.

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Suzie Larcombe

suzie larcombe copywriter and business coachSuzie Larcombe BA, Marketing Savvy Professional Copywriter.

I’ve got the right characteristics (creativity, ingenuity, perseverance and tenacity to name but a few) to get a business really noticed.
I have a BA (with Distinction) in Communication, which I completed in Edinburgh in 1992, when I also won The Scotsman Newspaper Student of the Year Award. I also benefit from a Marketing Diploma.

On an ongoing basis, I make it my business to follow a rigid and structured programme of Continuous Professional Development to keep my copywriting methods, approach and techniques constantly up to date.

Prior to being a professional freelance copywriter, I enjoyed 17 years in top-end, high-net-worth UK corporate sales environments.  Since leaving the corporate world 10 years ago to pursue my dream of a healthier work-life balance in South West France, I have developed my own successful business as a professional freelance copywriter. Although my target market is SME’s, I am proud to have been selected to write for and to provide support to a couple of seriously large organisations during this time.

Skill sets: Experienced freelancer, copy writer, business consultant.


No matter whether you’re starting out, re-branding or re-positioning, getting the look, feel and sound of your business spot-on is even more important in today’s crowded and competitive marketplace than ever before. Taking your new concept and making it real, effective and appealing, or taking your existing business and breathing new life into it so it is even more alluring to those discerning consumers is never easy, but it’s well worth the effort.

Many business people manage to achieve this task on their own, but more and more are realising the real value that a clued-up, professional copywriter can bring to their communication table.  Making sure your website is found by the search engines; helping your sales materials sing, and really connecting with your target market are just a few of the things I can do for you.

I have created a complete course that shows you how to become a successful, work from home, freelancer and you can find it here: 100% FREE Freelancers Course

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Stephen Cole

stephen coleStephen Cole is a sales focused entrepreneur with a technology, software, business and strategic sales background.

He has over 30 year’s experience in technology start-ups, acquiring and building business throughout the UK and Europe. His career started with companies based in the U.S. based in California and in the U. K. where he is now based.

Stephen has specialised in creating technology business opportunities, opening new vertical markets and turn round situations.

He was involved in the commercial, Police and Intelligence communities with McDonnell Douglas Corp specialising in software technologies for the messaging and intelligence.

He was Managing Director of U.S. start-up Verity Inc. (UK) for 6 years between 1990 and 1996. Verity’s Topic search technologies are for organisations to retrieve and manage unstructured data sets. He established application vertical markets for commerce and government in the knowledge processing and information retrieval markets. Now acquired by Autonomy PLC in 2005, he left Verity Inc after a successful NASDAQ IPO in 1995.

in 1996 during the early stages in internet development, he was founder and managing director of Street OnLine, the UK’s fastest growing e-commerce company (FT Press Cutting) which pioneered internet transactional software. Streets OnLine’s data infrastructure and software was developed and pioneered specifically for online retailing. Streets OnLine’s annual turnover was over $30 MILLION per year & was acquired by Kingfisher plc in December 2000 for $35 MILLION. Stephen then accepted a role in Kingfisher plc as Research and Development Director for MVC Entertainment.

After acquiring Intellectual Property Rights from Kingfisher plc, in 2001 he founded Future Route, with ground breaking technology for establishing behavioral rules from massive data sets and specialty vertical markets. While machine learning systems are new today, they will be common place tomorrow.

While gaining exposure to different technology markets and countries, a clear need to accelerate the digital economy grew. The importance of retaining entrepreneurial knowledge while funding technology growth in new enterprises is a crucial. As the internet morphed into mainstream business, there continues to be a need for cost effective software development skills that adds value and differentiates the new businesses which drives economic growth.

That is how establishing traditional development resources in cost effective emerging economies enables the new visionary enterprise to free up time to focus on gaining momentum in the digital economy.

In emerging economies, his 2009 Technology Park Investment model has been adopted widely as a standard for developing key technology industries in places of economic diversification. The model brings together all the components required to grow technology rich and skilled specialties in offshoring and outsourcing of software development and outsourcing non-core business process . The knowledge pool principle creates and grows vertical market expertise that attracts new business opportunities.

Stephen has clearly an awesome amount of business experience & is currently, still actively involved in tech related businesses and he will share as much knowledge and information as is possible & he is available on a one to one basis .

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Marc Walton

marc 8kbHere is a brief outline of my working and life experiences over the last 30 years. I was born into a poor working class family. Both parents worked full time, long hours and they and my two brothers and I lived in a tiny rented house for the first 14 years of my life. After much scrimping and saving my mum & dad finally managed to buy their first house for $5000 after 15 years of renting.

At school I was mad on football, girls and very little else! A serious shoulder injury finished any hopes of my becoming a pro footballer & I became a guitar strumming hippy and spent a couple of years drifting around Europe, busking, grape picking, ANYTHING to avoid going back to a cold and grey England.

Eventually I returned, had a year doing dead end jobs before starting work as a commission only salesman for a business equipment firm. 18 months later, aged twenty one, I started my first business, selling cash registers with neither money nor family experience to fall back on. I arranged a “sale or return” agreement with an importer – do not let people tell you that its not possible to make money unless you have some. I have done so twice.

I was on my way! The first few years were extremely difficult, I would have earned more money selling for the other company and it was a major achievement if the business was still in existence at months end. After 5 years I sold up, opened a pizzeria and by the time I hit 30 I was a $ Millionaire.

I was then almost bankrupted aged 32 over a bad business decision and a messy divorce. To stay afloat I drove a truck 10 hours a day, rising at 4.00 am, for less than minimum wage and not earning enough to pay my mortgage. I Started my next business aged 33. I still had no money but I persuaded a local businessman to finance a company if I did all the work. When I hit the big 4 0 we sold the business and I semi retired. Bought 10 houses using a great strategy from fellow mentor, Martin O’Hearne, using very little of my own money to create income. Throughout my adult lifetime I have bought over 40 houses mainly using other people’s money.

2002: Emigrated with my young family to the Canary Islands. Discovered that retirement costs considerably more than I had estimated- probably more than before! When you retire you discover that you have so much free time. If you want to maintain your standard of living, eat out a lot, travel, you need lots of money. Hopefully I have another 30 or 40 years and don’t want to live in a cave!

I then spent 3 years trying numerous internet “get rich quick” schemes before I finally learned how to successfully trade forex and make money from websites on the internet. A combination of losses and $1000-s wasted on “wonder products” cost me over 3 years to become profitable at either.  I spent and lost over $30.000 on the two projects AND I had lots of free time available to me that you may not have.

In the last 10 years I have come in to contact with a lot of successful people who have helped me double & treble my income and assets & hopefully they have gained from my knowledge too. This sharing of experience & knowledge led to the birth of the idea of creating a “mastermind group” & more recently the “Winners Inner Circle.” They and I enjoy mentoring others who genuinely want to be successful and most importantly help those who will put in the required effort & then share their knowledge with others.

A further benefit is that we are also able to pass on our collective knowledge to our kids who can work, if they choose, in some capacity within the circle.

The internet is THE best money making opportunity – DONE PROPERLY- I have been involved in during my working lifetime. In my last offline business I employed 20 + people and was working 70 hours a week. With that conventional business model, the overheads were over $100.000 a month before I earned a penny. I now earn a big, six figure income, working from my home office, working far fewer hours and my fixed costs are only a few $1000 a month. In other words I am around $98,000.00 a month better off before I even get out of bed!

I have no permanent staff (I outsource skilled people from all over the world and I will show you how). This means I have no hassle from employees. If someone is not up to the job or doesn’t complete the task in time, I find someone else. I am not restricted by any labour laws. I pay no holiday nor sick pay. No social security payments. Nada. Stress free!!

Throughout the site I and my colleagues share our experiences and strategies that are still working for us. None of us are financial advisers. We simply show you how we found ways to be successful. The pitfalls to avoid & a success blueprint that works for us. You of course need to do your own due diligence and make your own decisions.

Whats In It For You?

Whats In It For You?

Welcome to the Winners Inner Circle. This site and content is completely FREE – You don’t even need to hand over your email address if you don’t want.However if you want to be advised as and when we have new and exciting ways to make more money then simply register for the newsletter by Clicking Here Or fill in the box on the right of the page (We will only send a maximum of 1 newsletter per week so you won’t be bombarded and you can cancel at any time)

So Whats This All About?

The site goal is to show you lots of interesting and innovative ways to look after yourselves financially. How to make more money NOW. Then, how to create long term residual income. How to to use that extra income more smartly & to use it to provide for yourself & your loved ones now and particularly in your retirement years.

The Winners Inner Circle has been operating privately for many years, now you have the opportunity, FREE of charge, to copy my Mastermind group of mentors and I to become financially independent & time rich. Discover how to use the same tried & tested strategies that have worked for over a 100 years in offline businesses.

Many of these same techniques are key to succeeding online as well & we will also show you lots of new & “out of the box,” revolutionary methods.
What’s In It For You?

Discover How To

check-1Make More Money NOW

check-1Learn From Mentors with Combined Sales of over $100 Million

check-1Follow Our Step By Step Blueprints to Success

check-1Unique & Easy to Follow Systems

check-1Learn How to Think & Act Like The Rich

check-1How To Create Multiple Incomes Working From Home

check-1How to fully enjoy Your Retirement

check-1Show Your Children How to Thrive in the 21st Century

check-1Pay Less Tax

check-1Invest Smarter

check-1Control Your Own Destiny

check-1Surround Yourself With Positive, Like Minded “Can Do” People


We will show you how to acquire new skills and how to make more money now AND build businesses to create future income streams.

There is no magical “one size fits all” scenario. People are different. Have different tastes, likes, wants, budgets, times and things they wish to achieve. There are mentors here from backgrounds as diverse as corporate training, psychology, internet marketing, software development, finance, food, property, precious metals, writing, futures and forex trading.

One of the things they all have in common? They have all learned to adapt from offline businesses and make lots of money via the internet. All of them also have at least one website, BUT this site is NOT just about websites. For those who already know how to create websites or have zero interest in them then you still have the opportunity to discover lots of ways to make more money. The mindset & strategies that my fellow mentors and I use to make substantial incomes now and that will continue in the future.

Every few months one of the mentors will showcase his or her business strategy, explain what he or she does and give you the opportunity to choose whether its for you or not.

At the same time you will find posts in the diary area from all mentors covering many subjects that will give you an overview of the mindsets, strategies and tools they use to be successful.

To get started on the journey to your new, more successful, future start in the “Mindset” section. Here you will discover how successful people think, act and make plans. Plans which set them apart from 95% of people who fail to be successful or at the very least do not maximise their potential

Here are the current sections

Mindset Start here: If you REALLY want to join the 5% of people who succeed then CLICK HERE

Make $5000 NOW! Our most successful member so far “made” over $1000 an hour! CLICK HERE

Make $50.000 or more in 2014. Make plans and TAKE ACTION: CLICK HERE

How to REALLY Make Money Online: This is a HUGE section and will grow virtually every week. We have members who make full time, 6 figure incomes working from home, selling their skills and services. To Find Out more: CLICK HERE

Writers Blueprint: Here you will find a complete course showing you how to make a substantial second (or retirement income) which can also be developed in to a full time, low cost, home based business. There is a HUGE demand for writers and you do NOT have to be a budding J.K Rowling to be a success. CLICK on the link for the 100% FREE Writers Course

Freelancers Blueprint. Mentor Suzie Larcombe quit her 6 Figure income 10 years ago. She now earns a substantial income working 4 days a week from her new home in South West France. This gives her the freedom to spend lots more time with her daughters AND go ski-ing at every opportunity :)

Suzie has provided a complete blueprint of how you can follow her lead and discover how establish a low cost home based business & you can find it here: Freelancers Blueprint

The Not So Good News

This is NOT the usual get rich quick nonsense. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Many of you need to change the habits of a lifetime. Change your thinking. Make new plans. Acquire new skills. Market those skills. All of which by definition will not happen overnight. However you can start to earn more money fairly quickly whilst putting in place the foundations of your new financial freedom. The long term goal is to create multiple income streams and automate as many of them as possible.

The first major milestone you need to achieve is developing the correct mindset to be more successful at anything. Next it is vital that you make a plan and set your goals. I failed to do this for 20 years as I always found it to be a bit too “new age.” When I finally sat down and did this my income doubled and then doubled again in recent years.


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Author: Marc Walton

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